The end of Something for the weekend

I’ve decided to no longer update Something for the weekend on a weekly basis. It wasn’t a decision I took lightly, and I’ll explain why…

When I started writing Something for the weekend, my intention was to use this weekly review as a means to share my own personal progress, alongside related and helpful articles I’d found. Sadly, it hasn’t really lived up to my expectations.

Whilst it’s true that I’ve managed to write posts with media relating to gaming news, game development and design, it really hasn’t been conducive to my own productivity. I’ve focused so much on my weekly posts, that I typically spend more time researching and writing it up each week than I do creating original content. And it’s becoming increasingly difficult to do this.

Although I’m always happy to hear from readers who find the blog useful, its primary purpose is to help progress and demonstrate my own skills. And yet, after almost a year since launching my blog, there has been fairly little personal progress on my part.

Typically if something doesn’t work as you planned, you need to evaluate why that’s the case.

That being said, I’ll no longer be updating Something for the weekend on a weekly basis.

My motivation for writing this weekly article has slipped, and since returning from Japan, writing it has taken me longer and longer…

I don’t want to stop sharing content from other great sources, but my weekly post, for the most part, collects links and regurgitates them at the end of the week. If I was to use Twitter/Facebook for this instead, I could share content more immediately, when it’s relevant and at a pace which makes it easier to enjoy. I’ve already put this into action, taking advantage of Buffer to queue and schedule interesting links!

At some point in the near future, I’ll also be removing the events section. Again, it’s quite a hassle to maintain, which is why I haven’t updated it lately. I might readdress this in future, but for now I’ll post upcoming events on Twitter and Facebook.

The future holds a lot of opportunities to learn and create new things. The decision to stop writing Something for the weekend may seem like a step back, but sometimes that helps you get a better perspective.

Time will tell.