We discuss Destiny rumours and the Rise of Iron expansion. The hosts also wish a happy 21st birthday to the original PlayStation and share nostalgic memories.

The OZARIN Podcast: S1E03


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Notes for this Podcast

We’re back, after a break last week!

In this Podcast, myself, Liam and Dave discuss Destiny rumours surrounding a potential sequel, as well changes introduced in the recent Rise of Iron expansion.

We also wish the original PlayStation console a happy 21st birthday! And get a bit nostalgic, sharing our first memories of the console, our favourite games and remembering Net Yaroze!

I’ve included a couple of videos below, so you can follow our conversation at home. The first is an pre-rendered intro sequence for an obscure game, Garlerians, which Dave and Liam talk a little about.

Also, a great overview of Net Yaroze, the PlayStation dev-kit, by Lesmocon. He shares some of his favourite games, including the infamous Terra Incognita, which we discuss in the show.


This is the opening movie to Galerians (ASCII, Polygon Magic, Chinfa Kang, Sho_u Tajima, Crave Entertainment) which was released in 2000 in America for the Playstation.

Net Yaroze

A look back at one of the more forgotten eras of indie development. Remember those weird little games that used to show up on demo discs? WELL YOU DO NOW! http://www.twitter.com/Lesmocon


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