I'm joined by Ashley, Liam and Dave as we reveal our choices for the first Budget Game Challenge, and rant about Final Fantasy XV! It's a full house this week!

The OZARIN Podcast: S1E10


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Notes for this Podcast

The whole gang is here this week! In episode 10, I’m joined by Ashley, Liam and David.

This isn’t our Final Fantasy XV review, but from the first 30 minutes or so, you can get a pretty good feeling of how we feel about so far. That naturally leads on to discussing open worlds in video games, and their linear counterparts.

We also finally get around to reviewing our first Budget Game Challenge results.

FFXV: Letter from Hajime Tabata

Computer render of the four main protagonists of Final Fantasy XV
Release day is not the end for Final Fantasy XV...

Tabata-san released a letter this week, outlining his plans for changes to Final Fantasy XV following reaction to its launch. Specifically he addresses some core gameplay and story updates:

After that, we’re hoping to delve deeper into the story, adding scenes that will give you new insight into character motivations,such as why Ravus walked the path he did. We will need a little time with these, as they’ll need to be localized and voiced in other languages, but we’ll let you know the details once everything is set.

For the long term, we are looking at making certain key characters playable, and even considering the possibility of customizable avatars, in addition to other features over time.

We get a little ranty about Final Fantasy in the first 30 minutes of the podcast.

You can read the full post on the Square Enix blog.

You can re-download PT to your PS4

Liam discusses his experience, reacquiring the Silent Hills teaser by Kojima.

Whilst the title was controversially removed from the PlayStation Store by Konami, some clever people have discovered how to bypass the blockers. You can read a detailed guide on Polygon - but we confirm Liam’s success later in the podcast.

Disney Infinity Gold Edition arrives on Steam

Ash rejoices, as Disney Infinity Gold Edition arrives on Steam this month - collecting all of the content, previously only available by collecting each Disney Infinity figure and playset.

Naturally, we quiz her about all of the adorable figures she has collected on her shelf.

I’ve included the original launcher trailer (2015) for Disney Infinity 3.0 below.

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Budget Game Challenge

Each month we each set ourselves the challenge of finding a game following a particular theme for less than £5. This month, our theme was platform.

The Last Tinker: City of Colors

I chose this title, which was £1.69 on Steam at the point of purchase. It has since shot back up to £19.99 - so I managed to grab a bargain!

Oddworld: Abeboxx

Liam picked this PSOne classic, by Rupture farms. He paid £3.99 on the PlayStation Store for both games, collected in the Odworld: Abeboxx.

Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back

Another nostalgic title for Dave. Perhaps he was tempted after last week’s announcement of a PS4 remake? Dave grabbed this oldie for £3.99 on the PlayStation Store.

Apologies for some rough cuts in this episode. We had a few teething problems with new hardware; but these should be resolved for the next episode!


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