In our last podcast of the year, Dave, Liam, Ashley, Tom and I talk about our most anticipated games of 2017. There's no doubt 2016 has been a treat for gamers, but there's still a lot on the horizon.

The OZARIN Podcast: S1E12


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Notes for this Podcast

Another huge episode, in which we discuss the games we’re most looking forward to in the future.

It’s also our last episode of the year! Many thanks to all of our listeners, and to everyone who gotten involved and given feedback. We’ll be back in the new year, with more podcasts and who knows, maybe something entirely new?

We have some great listener choices towards the end of this episode too - thanks to all who replied to our shoutout. You can get in touch with anything you think might be relevant to the podcast. Let us know what you’re playing, what you’re looking forward to, or something interesting that’s happened to you.


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