We pay our respects to Masaya Nakamura, celebrate Final Fantasy VII's 20th birthday, and talk about what we've been playing over the past few weeks.

The OZARIN Podcast: S1E16


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Notes for this Podcast

We’re back! This week I’m joined by Liam and Dave to catch up on the gaming news and talk about the games we’ve been playing in the past few weeks.

We pay our respects to Masaya Nakamura, celebrate Final Fantasy VII’s 20th birthday, and check out the big updates coming to PlayStation 4 owners.

Find out what we’ve been playing too! You can also get in touch to tell us what has you gripped to the screen right now!

New intro music!

We have a theme tune! Courtesy of artist JKLOL, we now have some unique intro music for the podcast.

Obituary: Masaya Nakamura

Known as the ‘father of Pac-man’ and the founder of Namco, Masaya Nakamura has passed away, aged 91.


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