This week we talk a little more about NieR: Automata's android butts. We also discuss early Mass Effect: Andromeda reviews and of course, more praise for Breath of the Wild.

The OZARIN Podcast: S1E22


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Notes for this Podcast

It’s just me and Liam again for this ep, whilst Dave visits the frozen north.

Although it’s been a quiet week for news, we have a good chat about our continued experiences with NieR: Automata _and somehow end up talking about android butts again. _The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Mass Effect: Andromeda’s awkward animations

We discuss some of the early review screens which have appeared from Mass Effect: Andromeda. There are some less than flattering facial animations…

Mass Effect Andromeda's Marketing material reveals rather bad dialogue scenes and facial animations... Also comparisons with ME1 and The Witcher 3 ➲ Learn more about Mass Effect: Andromeda: ► Follow me on: Twitter Facebook G+ ➲ Donations (1-time): ➲ Donations (Monthly):

Sadly however, this has led to a slew of online harassment of a particular employee (ex-employee?). BioWare responded to the harassment with this tweet.

Frog Fractions 101 - Noclip Documentary

I mentioned this video based on Liam’s comparison of Frog Fractions to some elements in NieR: Automata. It’s a great documentary, but does contain some spoilers for the_ Frog Fractions_ phenomenon.

Our mystery series continues with a look at the flash game odyssey that is Frog Fractions. Before you watch, make sure you play Frog Fractions: Noclip operates entirely through the funding of its members. To help us tell more stories about video games and the people who make them, please consider becoming a patron: Produced by Danny O'Dwyer & Jeremy Jayne @dannyodwyer / @adackmusic Music supplied by Audio Network & Jim Crawford Picturesque: Analogue Man 2: Frog Fractions Soundtrack here:

NieR: Automata development screens

I mention the NieR: Automata developer blog in this episode. Some of the screens featured within give away a great deal of information about the production of this game, and the concept art in particular is very pretty.

Screen capture from Nier: Automata development
Animation rigging on a simple enemy
Screen capture from Nier: Automata development
Animation rigging on protagonists
Screen capture from Nier: Automata development
Concept art for a powerfull enemy
Screen capture from Nier: Automata development
Character model accompanying concept work

You can read more on the Platinum Games developer blog.

VHS promotional videos

Liam’s latest addition to his game collection, is old promotional tapes. The majority of examples he lists can be found quite easily by searching online.

Below is the Squaresoft promo, signalling their their move away from Nintendo hardware to the Sony PlayStation.

A Promotional VHS sent to members of the PlayStation Underground to compliment the matching demo disc. The video contains Interviews, TV Promo Spots, and Dev Team interviews. There are bonus ads of various other Square games at the end. Subscribe and Join the Fun! Support GameRaveTV and Get Cool Stuff Email: At end of Video! Download GameRaveTV’s Opening / Ending Credits at: © 2014 All Original Content © Jason Dvorak Music performed by Ken “General Funkatron” DeJong and used with permission. Any and all footage not created by Jason is the Copyright and Trademark of their respective owners. No infringement is intended and any content is used in parody / journalistic intentions.


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