This week, we finally open up about our experiences with Final Fantasy XV. It’s a fairly free-flowing episode, and the discussion ranges from praise for the PlayStation’s early platformers, to speculation on the Final Fantasy VII Remake.

The OZARIN Podcast: S1E25


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Notes for this Podcast

We’re back again, to dazzle and delight. Put us in your earholes for the next hour or so.

We discuss a bunch of stuff relating to Final Fantasy XV which could easily spoil the main story from around 33:35 to 45:52. Please skip ahead if you intend to complete the game, or care about plot spoilers.

We recorded this on location, so apologies for potato quality.

English voice cast already recording FF7 Remake?

The voice actor who has played the role of Cloud Strife since Kingdom Hearts, excited fans with this tweet…

Play Arts Kai - Cloud Strife

Photograph of Square Enix Play Arts Kai toys. Advent Children and Remake versions of Cloud Strife side-by-side. Photograph courtesy of Dave - the Square Enix Play Arts Kai toys, Advent Children (left) and Remake (right) versions of Cloud Strife, side-by-side.

Final Fantasy XV

It happened. We bottled this up for a while, but naturally segue into our thoughts on Final Fantasy XV. Whilst it’s mostly damning, it’s fairly light hearted - as by this point, we’ve had time to recover.

There are spoilers though, so consider skipping this section (33:35 - 45:52) if you’d rather find out about the game yourself.

Jalopy / Noah Caldwell-Gervais

This is an autobiographical video essay about how I've gotten to the point in my life where I'm a video game critic living in a Volkswagen Bus. It talks about how the common thread in my life is a longing for adventure, and how I've fulfilled that longing both virtually and in real life. There are minor visual spoilers for the game Obduction by Cyan Studios. Follow Kendra on Instagram under the handle 'LawrettaLives'. Follow Mitty and Rachel on their blog, To support the trip and my game videos, why not consider donating on Patreon?

I allude to this video in the podcast. Noah Caldwell-Gervais is a critic who produces in-depth gaming reviews, whilst travelling around in his VW Bus.

Later in the video, he looks at Jalopy, comparing the game to his own experiences on the road.


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